Wood Effect Rimed Adults Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses Mens Womens Anti UV Eye Strain Fatigue Computer Reading Gaming Clear Lenses Eyewear

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Wood Effect Rimed Adults Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses Mens Womens Anti UV Eye Strain
We are pleased to be able to bring to you our range of Anti Blue Light Glasses UV Blocking Glasses. With our range of glasses, you can comfortably wear these stylish great-looking glasses and protect yourself from harmful Blue Light. Blue Light is emitted from common day products such as smartphones, tablets, computer screens and much much more. With these glasses, you can help reduce the symptoms of dry eyes, strain and headaches from long hours of viewing screens and devices. They also help to promote sleep by blocking up to 80% of harmful light. With our glasses they have specially coated lenses while having clear lenses so no awful yellow lenses. They come with clear lenses, so do not look out of place when being worn daily and can be worn anywhere. As well as having great medical grade anti-allergy frame and helps have a minimum effect on colour accuracy. With their comfortable and lightweight feel, they can be worn for many hours without any issues.

What is blue light ?
It is a light emitted with UV blue rays which are not seen by the naked eye. But itis generated from many of today's devices such as mobile phones and computers. It can cause eye strain and tiredness and prevent refreshing sleep; all backlit devices with a screen will give off blue light. This light can, in turn, affect your bodies natural clock confusing your body as to the actual time. Blue Light prevents melanin creation, which helps us fall asleep at night. With these great glasses up to 80 per cent of this light can be blocked as well as the bonus of UV400 protection to offer protection all day long

Size:Eye Height 50mm
Bridge size:15mm
Arm Length: 140mm
Material:ABS Plastic

Included in the box
1 x Pair of Anti UV Glasses and Microfibre carry pouch