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Packs of 8 to 192 Flashing Finger Lights
We are delighted to be able to bring to you our Ultra branded LED Super bright finger bright lights with these amazing finger lights you can have hours and hours of fun. Available in packs of 8 to 192 they are perfect for many occasions including dances, festivals, concerts and much much more. Simple but effective to use, you can simply pop them on your fingers and click the switch and they will illuminate. For best results and longetivity if you give them a break from use every few hours the LED will continue to keep going and light up brightly well into the hours when needed unlike cheaper models.

Each pack comes with four colours red, blue, green and white
Power: 4 LR44 Batteries

Size:Length:Approximately 4cm Width:1.9cm
Battery Life: Upto 24hrs please note some may last a shorter time or longer time
Batteries included and installed
Activation: On/Off switch for a longer life

Included in the box
Packs of between 8 to 192 PCs LED Super bright finger lights dependant on your selection