Ultra LED Light Up Black or Pink Coloured Plastic Skipping Rope for Children a Great Toy for Kids or Adults Speed Rope Perfect for Cardio Home Workouts Electronic Skipping Rope Jump Rope

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LED Light Up Black or Pink Coloured Plastic Skipping Rope
We are pleased to be able to bring to our are great pink or black coloured LED Skipping ropes, with these great skipping ropes with a simple flick of a switch the optical LED's light up creating a wonderful visual LED pattern on the rope, which can encourage its use and promote sports with children. Perfect for dark or dim nights or use indoors or outdoors. With this great LED rope the batteries are replaceable and cheap to replace. With a simply unclip of the switch area they can be replaced in seconds and used over and over again.

Colour: Pink or Black
Length: 2.6m adjustable
Material: Soft quality plastic material
Power: 3 Button Batteries (Included)
Weight: 132g
Age: Suitable for 3yrs and older

Package includes
1 x LED Skipping rope

How to adjust the rope
1, Open the cover on the end of the handle opposite the battery case
2, Take out the end of the rope and adjust using the black clip provided to the size you require
3, Use Scissors or sharp implement (take care) to cut the rope to the desired length
4, Close the handle and replace

Ultra is a registered trademark
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