Secrui 433mhz Digital display wireless Combustible Gas Detector KR-GD13 150m

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Lightweight top brand wired Combustible gas alarm

Intelligent Microprocessor control

Displays has concentration over 1000PPM

Quick to operate and use within three minutes have an accurate reading

Auto sends sensor failure or to host alarm when gas is detected


We are pleased to be able to bring to you our SecruiUltra Edition combustible gas alarm detector. With this you can simply plug this into any UK socket and press the button and it will measure the combustible gas in three minutes. This can be used as part of our alarm system or as a standalone item and offers great protection and piece of mind for any household from a brand you can trust.

Operating Voltage: DC9~16V or AC 220V
Static Current: < 90mA (< 30mA in low power model)
Alarm Current:100mA (40mA in low power model)
Power Rating: (AC 220 supply)
Warm-up Time: about 120S
Alarm Level: 10%
LEL Alarm Output: sound flash alarm Alarm
Indicator: Red LED light Flashes
Sound Level: 85dB/m
Operation Temperature: -10 ~ 50 degree
Environment Humidity: Maximum 95%RH (no congelation) Wall mounted Dimension: 120*70*45mm
Standard: BG15322.2-2003
RF: 433MHz
Radio Distance: 150m in Open Area

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