Ultra (TM) Active Shutter 3d Glasses RF Bluetooth Signal 3d Glasses Black in colour using Button batteries for all Mainstream active shutter 3d tvs including Samsung Panasonic and Mainstream Tvs Using Bluetooth RF Signals

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  • Adults Active 3D Glasses for all bluetooth 3d tvs and projectors
  • With built-in bluetooth receiver with automatic signal detection Switches off automatically when no signal is within reach
  • Comfortable wearing and designed to be comfortable for adults
  • Using Button batteries for longer working times/light glasses


We are pleased to bring you our button battery powered great value Bluetooth stylish lightweight Adults 3D glasses from a brand you can trust. At EasyPeasy we have been searching for the latest most lightweight glasses in a non heavy frame and stylish look and we are pleased to bring you our GT-15 model for Active systems using Bluetooth signals. With recent advancements in home entertainment technology there have been massive improvements in the quality of TV viewing with development of effects that introduce the user to a new level of audio and imagery. 3D is one such effect that has revolutionized the way in which we perceive on-screen images, bringing to our attention new, realistic depths within our own living rooms that draw us further into the whole entertainment experience.


These Ultra 3D Shutter Glasses are active technology to automatically detect a 3D signal of alternating half-images via the built-in bluetooth receiver with signals to increase stability and compatibility. Once detected this then triggers a voltage which passes through the LCD lenses in order to darken them in sync with the refresh rate of the screen hence altering perspective and creating the 3D effect. These Shutter Glasses are compatible with Bluetooth 3D Active Shutter TVS as well as being compatible with all devices with an Bluetooth synchronization signal. Simply slip them on and adjust the nosepiece to customise them for your personal fit designed to provide maximum comfort even when worn over everyday glasses and appropriately sized to fit a adults-head without slipping off for extended viewing time with the Button battery design offering upto 100hrs of viewing per set and which are economical to replace and easy to change. For use with the latest Samsung Tvs from 201 on and, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, and other Bluetooth 3D Tvs and projectors.