4 Pairs of Adults Passive 3D Glasses 2 Black 2 Purple in Phillips Easy 3D style for all Passive TVs Cinema and Projectors such as RealD Toshiba LG Panasonic and more

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  • 3D Glasses Universal for TV, Projector, Cinemas
  • Polarized to reduce glare and increase picture clarity
  • UV Ray Transmittance 380nm
  • Polarized axis 22g in weight for long hours of comfort
  • Optimum lens coverage with sharp images
These 3D Glasses bring you the power of spectacular, cinema quality 3D images in the comfort of your own home Pack of four adults 3D Glasses 2 in Purple and 2 in Black in colour these lightweight Phillips Easy 3D Style 3D glasses are affordable enough to outfit the entire family, even friends - perfect for 3D sporting, movie or concert events and adults or favourite kids films, with new higher quality lenses than standard 3D glasses
Universal passive glasses that will work with all passive 3D Tvs including LG, Toshiba, Sony, Technika, Cello, Vizio, Sanyo, Panasonic, JVC, Phillips, Samsung, Grundig, Bush screens

Passive glasses do not require any power to operate them. They use polarization to separate out the left and right image, then work with polarized TVs that deliver two images to the viewer.New 3D Glasses, pack of two adults lightweight frames, 3D Type: Passive circular polarized to cut down on glare and increased 3D image. Frame Type: Adult lens with folding frame Comfortable, lightweight design for ease of use and allowing them to be worn for longer

Adults Size: 150x46x151mm
Transmittance: 42%
Lens Thickness: 0.4mm
Weight: 22g

Included in the box
4 x Pairs of Adults 3D Glasses 2 Purple 2 Black in colour

Note: These 3D Glasses are only for use with Passive 3D Applications Passive 3D Ready Televisions these 3D Glasses will not work with Active Shutter Glasses Applications.