1 to 50 Red Coloured Light Up Fibre Optic Hair Clip LED Extensions Perfect Party Packs for Girls or Women Sets of Fiber Flashing Braid Sets Battery Powered Barrettes and Trimmable for Parties Favours Gift Bags Events

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Packs of 1 to 50 Red LED Hair Extensions
We are pleased to be able to bring to you our range of Optical Led Hair Extensions in a variety of great colours, we are delighted to be able to bring to you our multi packs of Red LED Hair Extensions. With these great hair extensions they include a clip fitted so it is as simple as putting them into your hair and either trimming or positioning them where you want in the style you want. Best of all the more you purchase the better the value. A perfect accessory for anyone going out to parties, concerts events or as a general accessory which makes a great statement and fashion accessory. From a range and brand you can trust, these are Ultra branded products and checked individually before being sent out to ensure the quality of the item and that they meet our high standards. Each item will light up with a simple switch on and off and the main battery compartment is slim so it can easily be hidden behind you hair with the clip provided and place din seconds and can be cut to your desired style or length

Product Dimensions: 35x4cm
Colours: Red
Material: Optical Fibre
Power: 3 x Two CR1220 3V Batteries
Weight: 18.5g

Included in the box
1 x Red CLip in LED Hair Extension